After A Woman’s Tearful Plea, Hero Bus Driver Breaks Protocol And Goes Off-Route To Help Her

hero bus driver

Thanks to one hero bus driver bus driver, a woman was able to make her appointment to see her mother at her nursing home.

Jacqueline Mason quickly realized that she had boarded the wrong bus on her way to go visit her 79-year-old mother, Eileen McGrugan, at her assisted living facility. Due to coronavirus restrictions, Jacqueline only had a short amount of time to make her pre-scheduled 30-minute time slot to meet with her mother. And since she got on the wrong bus, she was afraid she would not be able to make the appointment. Meaning that she would not get to see her mom.

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“I started crying, and I said I’m not too sure if I’m on the right bus,” Jacqueline said in an interview.

And that's when the bus driver, Alex Bailey, felt for the woman and stepped in to help her out.

"When the woman said to me she hadn't seen her mum in a long time, it just hit my heart," Alex said. "A lot of people have suffered this year and you've seen on the news. People not able to see their mother or their father in the homes and it just struck a chord with me... I just said to myself, I have to get this woman as close as I can to that home."

Hero Bus Driver Veers Off-Route So Woman Can See Mom At Nursing Home

Alex turned to the other passengers on the bus. He wanted to see if it was alright with them to go off route to get Jacqueline closer to where she needed to be. When they gave their approval, Alex made it his mission to get Jacqueline to her nursing home appointment on time.

For 35 years, Alex has worked for Translink Group in Belfast, Ireland. And he is one of the most senior drivers at the company.

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“I’m proud of Alex for going above and beyond to help Jacqueline,” says Translink Group chief executive Chris Conway. “He is a long-serving member of staff who has been working throughout the pandemic. Going out of his way to ensure key and essential workers, education and communities stay connected."

"The smile and the joy on her face just said it all and I was just so pleased," shared Alex. "It was just a nice, magical moment. It was just the right thing to do."

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