New Mommy Cuddles With Her Triplets For The First Time After They Were Born

godupdates triplet baby girls cuddle

You have got to see this precious moment when triplet baby girls cuddle with mommy for the first time. And she couldn’t be happier.

Right after a baby is born, most moms get to hold their babies. But this mommy had to wait a little while until she can snuggle up with her bundles of joy. She had triplets and she gave birth to them a little earlier than expected. And the babies needed special attention right after they were born. So, she could not hold them right away.

But now she can finally hold her precious baby girls! And all three of her babies are in her arms. The new mommy is so excited and cannot stop smiling.

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She is very excited to get to hold all of her beautiful baby girls for the first time. They were so precious and she could not stop staring at them. And she introduced all of the girls to everyone watching the video.

The sweet babies have an early start on playing dress up. All have on matching pink hair bows and matching pink onesies. They look so adorable sleeping peacefully as they are bundled up in their mommy's arms.

I can not believe how cute they are! They look so precious while they are sleeping. And one of them had the cutest hiccups. And it made their mommy chuckle. She admires her babies so much. And they all are doing great! They certainly have a lot of love to look forward to!

WATCH: Triplet Baby Girls Cuddle With Mommy For The First Time

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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