Woman Turning 105 Had Never Celebrated Her Birthday, Until Now

turning 105 lorene summey

Lorene Summey, a woman turning 105, had never celebrated her birthday until now. She even wore a crown!

It's an incredibly special moment to become a centenarian. Yet, Lorene Summey is five whole years past turning one hundred years old, and she's never celebrated her birthday until today.

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Lorene is 105 years young! Why didn't she ever celebrate her birthday before? Lorene came from a big family. (And if you're from a big family, you know that often birthdays are often sadly overlooked.)

The staff at Somerset Court Senior Living Space in Cherryville, North Carolina learned that Lorene had never celebrated her 105 years of life on this planet. So, as she was turning 105, they decided to do something about that. They asked the world to help celebrate her special birthday.

And you won't believe what happened!

Strangers Help Celebrate Lorene Summey

People from all across the globe helped chip in to make Lorene's day extra special. She received more than 1,200 cards from the states to Nigeria and even England. Those cards lined the hall as she enjoyed her special day.

Not only did they roll out the red carpet as Lorene was turning 105, but the sweet lady also got to wear a crown. And she even had a special visit from the police department, who wanted to make sure Lorene knew her birthday was a milestone.

The crown, red carpet, and cards from nearly every state and country were only the beginning. She also received visits from the Mayor of her city in Cherryville, North Carolina. Not only did the woman turning 105 receive special visits, but she also got to pet a pony and attend a proper country dance known as a ‘hoedown' in her honor.

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I have a feeling this sweet woman danced the night away...at least until she was tired of the festivities. Either way, she went to sleep that night feeling honored and loved.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Somerset Court of Cherryville