Daredevil Grandpa Turning 106 Years Old Jumps Into Lake And Shares The Secret To His Longevity

106 years old grandpa dives into lake

This daredevil grandpa turning 106 years old, jumps into a lake and shares the secret to his longevity. It may not be what you think.

It's not a special diet or exercise. Franklin Estes gives all credit and glory to God!

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His grandson Shaun Kelly said, "He's a man of strong faith, and to this day gets on his knees to pray every night."

The Life Of Franklin Estes

Franklin's remarkable life began quite small. He was born prematurely and weighed a mere two pounds. Since the day he entered the world, he became a fighter. Later he overcame Polio, the Great Depression and fought in World War II. The hard trials he's faced haven't tempered his soul.

Instead, he lived life to the fullest in spite of it all. He found joy in the small things and in the little victories. Even when he had to face moving in this with his grandson at the age of 105 after he had a pacemaker put in his chest.

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His grandson Shaun said, "Years ago, I made a promise to him that I would never let him go into a nursing home. Last year, it got to be too much for him to live on his own. On his 105th birthday, he had a pacemaker put in, and that was when he moved in with me. He was driving up until then!"

Daredevil Grandpa Turns 106 Years Old

Franklin has a zest for life that mirrors the joy that exudes from his soul with a do all things with love and joy type of attitude. Instead of checking the right boxes or living from the sidelines, he has a go-after-it attitude.

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When he turned 102, he dived out of his grandson's boat and created an annual event he continues even when turning 106 years old. Every year, no matter his age, he jumps into the lake. Each time without a life jacket. Maybe it's because he rests securely in the knowledge his life is in God's mighty and capable hands.

"[He] decided he wanted to dive off the boat before we got back to our slip at the marina. He felt fantastic. He loves the water and loves doing things that defy his age," his grandson Shaun said.

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I don't know about you, but I want to be like Franklin when I get older. Like him, I want to live life with an abundance of joy. I want to celebrate the small things and the small wins–not just milestones or achievements.

The Bible is filled with promises God will uphold, uplift, and protect us because God wants us to live this life he's given us abundantly. He wants us to live exceedingly and beyond measure. Perhaps, you and I both should begin right now!

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly," John 10:10.

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