Two Strangers Became Family When A Pregnant Woman Sat Down On Her Flight

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Two strangers became family thanks to one passenger missing her flight. You have got to watch this touching story!

A divine connection was made when two complete strangers were sitting next to each other on their flight to Raleigh. Samantha Snipes was trying to leave town to get away from an abusive relationship. She was 8-months pregnant and scared because she missed her connecting flight. Emotions were all over the place, but she was able to book another flight to get away.

Samantha was very anxious and nervous when she boarded the plane. And Temple Phipps, the lady who she sat next to notice that how nervous she was. She asked her what was wrong and Samantha told her everything that was going on. She also included that she was looking for someone to adopt her baby.

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Temple thought that her situation was such a coincidence because she really wanted to adopt a baby. But adoption agencies were turning her down because she is a divorcee. Because the two women connected almost immediately, they exchanged numbers when they parted way. But that was not the last time they saw each other.

Samantha was still in Raleigh when she gave birth to her baby boy. He was born just three days after she met Temple. Temple was one of the first people she called when she was in the hospital. When she called her, she asked if Temple wanted to come see her and the baby in the hospital. Of course, Temple went to visit them, but she did not expect what happened. After seeing Temple hold the baby boy, she asked if Temple wanted to be his mother.

That was an offer Temple could not turn down and she adopted the little baby boy. She not only developed a connection with the baby, but she and Samantha became family also. And Samantha moved to be where Vaughan and Temple live.

WATCH: Two Strangers Became Family After Baby Was Adopted

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

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