UPS Delivery Man Pays a Special Halloween Visit for a Boy with Autism, His Biggest Fan

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UPS delivery man Kipp Youngman knows just how much Max Finn, a boy with autism, looks forward to his visits. So, as Halloween approached, the kind driver made a special stop to deliver a surprise to his biggest fan!

In Colossians 3:23, we learn about doing all things as if we are working for the Lord. It means that, no matter how big or small, everything we do can glorify God.

And it certainly seems as though this is how Kipp Youngman treats his job as a UPS delivery man.

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The Vermont man has been working for UPS for 28 years. Kipp takes great pride in what he does and always strives to do his best.

"It's just an extension of my life,” he says. “It's not even a job. It never has been."

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping so many at home, the demand for deliveries has skyrocketed. But this only gives this extraordinary UPS delivery man an opportunity to make even stronger relationships with those on his route.

"This day and age, we're at the same people's house three or four times a week," he explains.

Kipp Youngman makes frequent stops at a home belonging to 14-year-old Max Finn. Max is a boy with autism who treasures the visits from his hero — the UPS delivery man.

"Wendy usually greets me at the door and Max is not too far behind," Kipp says.

"Max's room is on the front of the house and so we can hear the truck coming up the road," Max’s mom, Wendy Radcliffe, went on to explain.

UPS Delivery Man Shows Up With Special Delivery

For several years, Max has dressed up for Halloween as a UPS delivery man. And when Kipp found out, he had a deep desire to get this sweet young man his very own UPS uniform.

"He wants to be a UPS man, so I mean, wow, why not just encourage him," Kipp says.

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UPS has pretty strict rules against giving UPS uniforms to non-UPS employees. Besides, with comfort being especially important for those with autism, Wendy makes the costume for him.

But UPS delivery man Kipp Youngman still had a special surprise for his biggest fan!

Kipp showed up at Max’s house with a big box for the boy with autism. In it was all kinds of UPS branded goodies for him to enjoy. The box contained plenty of UPS winter gear — hat, gloves, vest — but also Max’s very own toy UPS truck.

The reaction from an elated Max was priceless. He was grinning from ear-to-ear, which is rare for the boy with autism.

Raising a child with autism can be tough. But Max’s loving parents see him as the true blessing he is.

“When Max was first diagnosed, we were pretty sad, because we didn't know what it meant. We were worried about loss of potential and things he wouldn't be able to do in life,” Wendy said. “And then we realized how much we've gained in our life from him because he makes us more attuned and attentive to other people that we never recognized before.”

The Power Of Kindness

Of course, folks aren’t always as accepting or considerate toward those who process the world differently. So, Max’s family treasures the time UPS delivery man Kipp Youngman regularly takes out of his day to interact with him.

And Kipp’s surprise delivery didn’t just impact Max. It meant the world to the boy’s family, too.

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“What Kipp has done for me is kind of renew that belief that there are small acts of kindness that people can do that really make a difference,” Wendy said. “His kindness and his thoughtfulness for my son means a lot to me and my family.”

WATCH: UPS Delivery Man Has Special Surprise For Boy With Autism

We are all God’s creation. There is no diagnosis that will ever change that. And seeing the love this UPS delivery man showed to the boy with autism is truly touching.

“Everybody has a purpose. Max has a purpose,” Kipp Youngman said. “Everybody has a purpose, and I guess I'm finding out my purpose right now.”

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No matter how small, any act of kindness can have a huge impact. Please be sure to share this story as a reminder to never underestimate the difference you can make. God can use all things, big or small, for His glory!

“And whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord, and not for men.” Colossians 3:23

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h/t & Featured Image: ABC News