Victor Solomon On The Voice Takes Audience To Church On National TV With ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Victor Solomon on The Voice

Contestant Victor Solomon on The Voice brought a powerful moment of worship to National TV as he performed MercyMe’s hit, ‘I Can Only Imagine.’

Dressed in all white, Victor Solomon on The Voice showed off his vocal talent and faith with his recent performance.

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He started on a white staircase that continued upwards behind him with a projection illusion. The camera focused in on him for the beginning while a gentle piano played.

But things weren't quiet and gentle for long. Victor started walking down the stairs and more instruments joined in. This is where you'll really start feeling it — feeling the music transport you to church.

By the time he reached the stage, a group of background singers joined him. Each of them was dressed in all white too. That's the beautiful part. His performance isn't about the glam. It's about God and the gift that He blessed Victor with to share His love.

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The addition of the gospel singers will surely have you on your feet, thinking you're in a room full of believers worshiping together!

Victor Solomon’s Journey On The Voice

Victor Solomon auditioned for ‘The Voice' with John Legend's ‘Glory.' Three out of four of the coaches turned their chairs for him, OBVIOUSLY including John Legend. His cover was incredible.

Victor is a senior in college and is blowing America's minds at only 22 years old. He grew up in the church and has his heart set on gospel music. While Victor was debating which team to choose, John said, "I've literally zero times turned for someone singing one of my songs."

The two of them then did an impromptu duet of John's song, ‘Ordinary People.' Victor's heart chose John Legend's team because he has clearly idolized him his entire life.

And look how far Victor has come with John Legend leading the way!

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Victor's performance of ‘I Can Only Imagine,' originally released by MercyMe in 1988, is beautifully moving. I know God will keep sharing His love through Victor!

WATCH: Victor Solomon On The Voice Sings ‘I Can Only Imagine’

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