A Woman Was Eating Her Favorite Snack When It Saved Her Life

godupdates woman eats potato chips every day

Have you ever thought that it is possible for your favorite food to change your life? I never considered it until after hearing about how a woman eats potato chips every day and it saved her life.

Kristine loved potato chips. Especially the Ruffles brand. She had been eating them every day for the past 20 years and she never goes a day without them. Her husband buys them for her in bulk. She just can't get enough.

Just when she thought she could not love them more than she does, she now has a greater appreciation for her favorite snack. One day, she was routinely snacking away at a bag of Ruffles potato chips when something unusual happened. She guesses that she did not chew well enough, but a piece of the chip stabbed her tonsil.

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Kristine felt a sharp pain in the back of her throat. It was excruciating and she never felt something like that before. She had her husband look at the back of her throat with a flashlight and that is when he saw something alarming. She knew that she had to go to the doctor. After going to a doctor, Kristine got an unexpected diagnosis. She found out that she had throat cancer from smoking cigarettes for over 30 years.



Kristine is now being treated for cancer and is expected to completely recover from cancer. Thank God she found out about her health. If it was not for her favorite snack, she probably would have never known!

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Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

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