Young Man With Special Needs Sings A Song About The Lord To The Congregation

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During one church service, a young man sings a song for everyone in the congregation. This young man has special needs, but he does not let that stop him from giving praises to the Lord Jesus.

He is standing in front of a microphone on stage all ready to sing a song. Everyone who is sitting in the congregation is excited to watch him and hear him sing. They sit with great expectations and they are in for a real treat!

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Because the young man has limited mobility, a lady is there to help him stand because sometimes he loses his balance when he stands on his own for a long time. She also is there to help him with his cues. As the music is playing she was there to guide him through the song.

As soon as the organist begins to play, the young man starts singing along to the music. He is so confident and sings just like he knows the song holds so much truth. The song he is singing is the traditional church hymn, "Right on Time".

Everyone is so moved because he is singing the song so perfectly. Every word of the song is a testament to who the Lord is and how He always comes through for us right on time. It was amazing!

WATCH: Young Man Sings in Church

Credit: Facebook/Brenda Holbrook

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