Disney Christmas Ad Hits Home With Reminder Of How Family Means Even More This Year

Disney Christmas Ad 2020

After all the challenges faced in 2020, this Disney Christmas ad delivers a powerful reminder of how much family means, especially this year.

The year of 2020 began with excitement, which very quickly turned into angst for many people. That angst has lasted a long time. As the chaos of the year dies down, the year's suffering is making way for something much more positive, hope.

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The folks at Disney UK are reveling in that idea. In their heartwarming video, we see how one gift transcends generations.

Powerful Disney Christmas Ad

In the beginning of the video, the year is 1940. A father returns home to his wife and young daughter seemingly after a long time away. Surprising for the little girl, Papa, as she calls him, has a gift for her. The gift is a stuffed Mickey Mouse.

By all appearances, the cute little girl is blown away by her gift as she holds Mickey close.

The years go by in the Disney Christmas ad and now the video takes us to the year 2005. That little girl has become an adult, a grandma in fact. And what does she do with the gift her father once gave her? She bestows it upon her granddaughter.

The years go by for the two as they celebrate the holidays together. The stuffed Mickey Mouse ages along with them, and with time his condition worsens.

Once the granddaughter becomes an adult, Grandma figures, why bother fixing Mickey Mouse? She leaves him on the table along with her other junk for the holidays. And she goes upstairs to bed.

The granddaughter, though, thinks differently in this Disney Christmas ad.

After a night out, an idea hits her. Without words, she puts her plans into action. She decorates their family room and fixes Mickey Mouse. When the grandmother wakes, she sees amazing Christmas decorations and a repaired Mickey mouse.

What a nice gift to celebrate Christmas.

Finding Hope In Hard Times

The year 2020 draws to an end. Everyone has in some way been affected by the pandemic, politics, or some other form of unrest. Scripture reminds us that no matter where we endured this year, we can come out stronger.

"And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation works patience, And patience, experience; and experience, hope." Romans 5:3-4

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The hope we experience as a result of our afflictions is not a hope centered on a particular outcome, but rather on our Lord to shape us into people more like Christ. Hard times have an ability to refine us unlike the seasons of life that go our way.

Hard times also bring us closer to those who matter most to us, namely our family. Whether we gift them a stuffed Mickey Mouse or spend quality time together, or something else entirely, we know that no year, not even a single day is guaranteed.

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May we all make the most of what God has blessed us with, including our relationships with family.

WATCH: 2020 Disney Christmas Ad

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