Girl’s Wildly Different ‘Before And After’ First Day Of School Pictures Pretty Much Sums Up 2020

first day of school pictures lucie falconer

In 2019, the first day of school pictures for 5-year-old Lucie Falconer went viral. But now, the hilarious “before and after” images pretty much sum up how most of us feel in 2020!

Many parents like to snap photos of their kids at the start of the new school year. These first day of school pictures make for some treasured memories. And they are always fun to look back on for years to come.

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But the images for 5-year-old Lucie Falconer were epic!

5-Year-Old’s Hilarious ‘Before And After’

The sweet little girl from Glasgow, Scotland was all ready to head out for her first day of kindergarten at private school. And naturally, her mom, Jillian, snapped a photo of her fresh-faced cutie.

Lucie looked so precious in her uniform with her neatly combed hair and perfectly placed bow. But when Lucie returned home later that day, it made for a very different snapshot. The “after” photo was a far cry from the first day of school pictures taken in the morning!

Still cute as a button, Lucie Falconer came strolling up the path looking like she’d been involved in some kind of brawl or bender. Her uniform was disheveled, her bow askew, and her hair a tangled mess. In sharp contrast, she carried her sparkly sequined unicorn backpack, which still looked pristine.

Tickled by her daughter’s drastically changed appearance, Jillian asked Lucie what she did that day.

Most of us would probably be expecting a response like “braved a hurricane” or “wrestled an alligator.” But the 5-year-old simply replied, "nothing much."

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"I think she was just excited to see her friends after the summer break," Jillian explained. "Nothing specific happened."

First Day Of School Pictures Go Viral

No doubt, the kindergartner gave her parents a good chuckle. And when Jillian decided to share her daughter’s first day of school pictures on social media, they had plenty of folks from all over the world cracking up, too!

"It just went crazy," Jillian revealed. "I presume because it's relatable. Anyone can relate to it.”

Indeed, we’ve all had that “hot mess” moment. And now, in 2020, the photos take on a whole new level of reliability: life before versus after the global coronavirus pandemic hit.

In the first couple of months in 2020, most of us were still basking in resolutions and hopeful promises of a new year. Then COVID-19 changed everything about life as we knew it. School closings, quarantining, toilet paper hoarding, empty shelves at grocery stores, social distancing — the list goes on and on.

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Yep, Lucie Falconer’s first day of school pictures accurately sums up 2020!

Thankfully, there is Good News no pandemic can wipe out. No matter how dark things may seem, we can always find hope in Jesus Christ!

“And the light goes on shining in the dark; it is not overcome by the dark.” John 1:5

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