4-Year-Old Belts Out Frank Sinatra’s Classic ‘My Way’

Every now and again you meet a child who really appreciates the good old days past. Whether it is the music, fashion, movies or dance something about it connects to somebody so young in a special way.

Some people call these kiddos ‘old souls’ but we know it just means they have plain old good taste. Well, Sophie Fatu is one of those special kids.

Sophie may only be 4 years old but she knows a crooner classic when she hears one. And this tiny rat pack lover has a surprise for us. According to Sophie’s mom Vicky, Sophie loves nothing more than to belt out Frank Sinatra songs anywhere and everywhere.

Sophie’s incredible talent and angelic face have made her a bit of an internet star. So when Filmanatix gave little Sophie the chance to make her very own music video she and her momma jumped at the chance. Sophie got to sing one of her all-time favorites, the Frank Sinatra classic ‘My Way.’

Get ready folks because this is absolutely precious. Between her precious outfit and her beautiful voice, it is almost too much. When you hear the adorable way she pronounces some of these words your heart will soar.

4-year-old Sophie Fatu Sings Frank Sinatra Classic 'My Way'

credit: rumble.com

Oh my stars I just love it when little kids sing. And when someone is as talented as Sophie you have to stop and take notice. Who else can’t wait to see what this little cutie has in store for us next? I really hope she will start taking requests!

Credit: vickyfatu

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