7-Year-Old Marcello DiGregorio Belts Out Classic Tunes and Goes Viral for His Crooner Style

Marcello DiGregorio 7 year old crooner

7-Year-Old Marcello DiGregorio is a talented young man who drew a lot of attention online with his impressive singing skills. This pint-size crooner can belt out classic tunes like a pro!

The entertainment field is a difficult field in which to secure steady, gainful employment. Many people hope and dream of someday doing such, but only a few can achieve that goal. That's because to do so requires not only a ton of talent, and a few breaks here and there, but also the "it" factor – an unexplained, unteachable kind of charisma that attracts every eyeball in any given room.

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One little guy, 7-year-old Marcello DiGregorio, has talent and charisma in spades, as a video posted to TikTok clearly shows. In the short, minute-long clip, the young man confidently sings "Beyond the Sea," a tune performed by Bobby Darin.

WATCH: Marcello DiGregorio Stuns With His Crooner Style

@abc7ny He brought down the house 🎤🎵 Go, Marcello! #singer #shorts #adorable #nyc #statenisland #fyp ♬ original sound – ABC7NY

As the clip plays, the news anchors, talking over the clip, state that the little guy's impressive performance happened during a party celebrating his parent’s wedding anniversary.

While many people would have batted away the microphone and shied from the spotlight, the 7-year-old crooner did not. Little Marcello clearly has no fear of performing in front of a crowd.

He confidently struts around the room, decked out in a purple suit. At one point in the clip, he directs the crowd to get involved, telling them to "make some noise." His confidence and charm easily win over the crowd's affection.

The room lets Marcello DiGregorio know how much they love his performance, and he basks in every second of it, playing to the crowd.

The news anchors speaking over Marcello's "Beyond the Sea" cover mention how they were also thoroughly impressed with the young man's charisma and ability to own a room.

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"Check out how he owns the room," one man says. "The crowd obviously loving him, and, in the end, he got a much-deserved standing ovation."

"Oh my gosh! That's the cutest thing ever," a female anchor responds to Marcello's crowd-pleasing performance.

Marcello sat down with Good Morning America and described his musical journey in detail. Check it out!

WATCH: 7-Year-Old Singing Sensation, Marcello DiGregorio

What a special gift God has given this precious child!

Psalm 95:1 "O come, let us make songs to the Lord; sending up glad voices to the Rock of our salvation."

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/abc7ny