Husband and Wife, Aged 99 and 100, Say God is the Secret to Their 75-Year Marriage

75 year marriage

What’s the secret to a 75-year marriage? Hazel and Norman Bollinger of Minnesota will celebrate 75 years of marriage this June. The couple, who met in 1945, have some advice for how they have made their marriage work.

Norman shares, “Be a good listener, admit when you are wrong, share your feelings. Be complimentary and say 'thank you,’ laugh a lot, have good friends, and be able to forgive. Keep going! Look for the positives, don't get bogged down in the negatives." All such good advice!

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God Played a Daily Role in Their 75-Year Marriage

God has played a daily role in their relationship. “We thank him for our marriage every day," says Norman. "Keep close to God and he will keep close to us. If you have faith in God all you've got to do is ask, and it'll be done."

Hazel turned 100 last November, and Norman will join her as a fellow centenarian at the end of February. However, they met when they were just 21 years old, and have quite a story about how they did so.

Four Miracles Led to Their Relationship

Four miracles led to them meeting and falling in love. The first was that Norman, a farmer in North Dakota, was allowed to take time away to go to his cousin Carol’s wedding in Minneapolis.

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The second was when Carol dropped Norman off at an annual camp meeting at Buffalo Lake Pavilion on the way home from the wedding. His cousin from North Dakota was going to be ordained as a minister there and Norman unexpectedly wanted to get out of the car he taking back home.

The third was when Hazel was preparing for a trip to California but then heard a nagging voice telling her to stay home. The next day her minister’s wife asked her to help as a camp guide at Buffalo Lake Pavillion, the same camp Norman was at.

She Said Yes

Norman noticed Hazel, "I spied the most beautiful young woman in a white blouse and blue skirt.” Miracle #4 was when he asked her to go for a walk. "After dinner, I was in just the right place. … here comes Hazel with her girls to get water. I pumped water for them, and when I gave Hazel her cup, I said, ‘I'd like to get acquainted with you, can we go for a walk down by the lake?'

Norman and Hazel had much in common, but most importantly, their Christian upbringing. Unfortunately, they lived 500 miles away from one another. They ended up in a long-distance relationship for 4.5 years. Norman was able to fly in his small plane to see her in Minneapolis.

The Wedding

The couple was married on June 10th, 1949 at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in South Minneapolis. They had a double wedding with Hazel’s sister, Phyllis, and her husband Ken.

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A Special Couple

Hazel and Norman’s 75-year marriage is an inspiration, From stories of how Norman drove to see Hazel when she broke her hip to how the two not only lived and loved together but also worked together. The two of them bought and ran nursing homes. After they retired from that business, Hazel accompanied Norman on his deliveries for a delivery courier service he worked for until he was 97.

Hazel and Norman have four children, seven grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren. What a blessing!

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Two people can come together and have a life with one another. But marriage also takes a lot of work. Hazel and Norman are the perfect example of how to make your marriage last. Never forget that God is the center of it and lean on him through everything life brings.

“Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.” – Proverbs 18:22

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