Bride Gets A Love Letter From Dad To Daughter On Her Wedding Day, 20 Years After His Death

love letter from dad to daughter

A blessed bridge gets a love letter from dad to daughter on her wedding day, 20 years after his death. And what a powerful moment it was!

There is nothing quite like a father's love. One father's love was so remarkable that it defied the grave and the span of time in a letter delivered on a special day.

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32-year-old Freya Rosati was just 11 when her dad, Philip Hargreaves, 53 died from oesophageal cancer. Instead of allowing fear and despair to dictate his actions, Philip knew he needed to take action to ensure Freya knew just how much he loved her.

He knew he would miss all the firsts of her life. Her first boyfriend, her first date, and her first prom. He knew he wouldn't be there for monumental moments like graduating high school or college or when she would one day find love and walk down the aisle.

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Freya's mother, Teresa, knew Freya and Philip had a unique bond. She also knew Philip's absence would leave a huge hole in Freya's life. So, she bought several cards and encouraged her husband to write messages to Freya. Altogether, he wrote nine cards, one for every birthday and a special love letter for her wedding day.

Love Letter From Dad To Daughter

On the day of the wedding when the father of the bride was to make a speech, Teresa stood up to read a 20-year-old letter Philip wrote. Hands trembling and tears in her eyes, she read:

"I wish I could be standing next to you, the proudest dad in the world, to walk you down the aisle to the man you love, and to the next chapter in your life. Today is your day, enjoy everything about it. Laugh and cry. Be happy and confident.

Face everything full-on. You will then succeed in your life together. You gave me some of the proudest moments in my life with your sense of humor, intelligence, understanding, and caring nature. Don't ever change. Love you forever, Dad."

Freya was so incredibly happy to have her father's beautiful words to hold as a treasured gift from her late father. She will not only treasure this incredible moment but his words for the rest of her life.

Philip's words are full of love, wisdom, and encouragement, as his love radiates from every word he penned. Everyone at the wedding was touched by this remarkable moment. May it be a reminder that death cannot destroy a father's love, and God holds our lives in His comforting hands.

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Proverbs 4:11-12 “I will guide you in the way of wisdom, and I will lead you in upright paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered, and when you run, you will not stumble.”

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