John Stamos Recalls the Eye-Opening Moment of His Arrest and How He Vowed ‘Never Again’

actor john stamos mentions moment that he vowed 'never again'

Actor John Stamos recalls when he knew he had to put the alcohol away, get sober and the photo taken of himself that caused him to vow "never again."

The Bible states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. No one walking on the face of the earth is perfect. Everyone has made their fair share of mistakes and has flaws and failures. All have a past, likely with decisions they aren't quick to talk about or share.

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For Fuller House star John Stamos, part of his past includes mistakes that led to his eventual 2015 arrest for driving under the influence, according to Entertainment Weekly.

John mentions that prior to his arrest, he was hanging out with the wrong people and that his drinking had become a problem.

"I was just drinking too much," he said. "I just went low. I didn't go high. I just surrounded myself with people I should have been with."

John's 2015 run-in with law enforcement served as a wake-up call, letting him know that he had to change his ways. He went to rehab to help deal with and confront his problem with alcohol.

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“I had that DUI, and I was like, ‘I can’t do this. I’ve got to straighten up,'” John said, according to People. “That’s when I was confusing the universe because I’m not a bad person, but I was doing crappy things.”

A Photo During His 2015 Arrest Makes Him Ill, Made Him Vow ‘Never Again’

However, it's a picture of himself captured during his 2015 arrest that makes him physically ill to even think about, he states. It's a picture of himself in handcuffs, sitting on the curb.

“It just makes me throw up right now just thinking [about it]," John said. "Never again.”

John also added that his wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, and his young son have helped him tremendously with his sobriety.

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“Going down the road of being sober and taking care of yourself, everybody tries. Everybody does it,” he said. “You could get going for a little while. Then, it’s like, ‘I can drink again.’ So, it’s staying on the path is what they mostly do for me.”

Whether it's an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, food, gambling or anger, everyone has problems, issues and failings. Thankfully, there’s a heavenly Father who loves and forgives despite our shortcomings, failures and sins.

"If we say openly what we have done wrong, he is upright and true to his word, giving us forgiveness of sins and making us clean for all evil."1 John 1:9

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