A Tearful John Schneider From Dukes Of Hazzard Sums Up Widowhood After His Wife’s Death

John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard on widowhood

John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard found the perfect quote summing up widowhood. And as he shared it, the grieving husband can’t help but break down in tears.

When we marry, we expect to have a lifetime together. We don't expect to find ourselves widowed. John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard lost his wife, Alicia Allain, in early 2023 at the age of 53 due to cancer.

And since his wife’s passing, John has been sharing his journey through grief.

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"I'm not sure who wrote this, but it about sums it up. ‘Widowhood is more than missing your spouse's presence. It's adjusting to an alternate life. It's growing around a permanent amputation," he said with tear-filled eyes that threatened to spill over.

A Life Forever Altered

John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard shared how hard daily life is — like going to bed for the first time without your spouse by your side. It doesn't feel like home anymore but an empty shell of what was. It's being surrounded by reminders of the life you two had built and how it's no longer the same. He shares it's because he had molded his life with Alicia.

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He shared, "Widowhood is being a stranger in your life. It's the unnerving feeling of watching yourself from outside your body as you go through the motions."

He closed his video with one final piece of advice and a blessing for those who are widowed too. "God bless and guide each step until you see them again when they reach out their hand and say, ‘Did you miss me.' You bet I did. God bless you," he said. We pray as John walks through this journey of grief that the Lord is close to him. We pray for him to be embraced in God's arms of comfort and that he finds peace in Jesus.

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"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit," Psalm 34:18.

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