Lunch Lady Desperately Needed Help And That’s When Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Stepped In

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In a sweet act of kindness, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay helped out a kitchen manager at a middle school when she was stressed about being short-staffed.

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The exchanged recently happened on a radio show when Tina Clarke, a kitchen manager at Edward Peake Middle School, called into the show to ask for the celebrity chef’s help. She explained that she was all alone cooking for 300 students, because two of her staff members had gotten sick.

"I’m cooking here on my own," Tina said. "I work in a school kitchen and my chef has gone off sick, and I have another one off with COVID. And I just wondered if Gordon would help me today and give me a hand?”

The question was asked in a joking way, but Gordon Ramsay actually came through for Tina with help!

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Helps Short-Staffed Lunch Lady

“If I did have the time I would be in Bedfordshire," he replied to Tina. "I promise you in a heartbeat, I can send a chef if you wish?” Then Gordon Ramsay called for a cab to take Chef Rob Roy Cameron, a member of his team from Ramsay’s Lucky Cat restaurant in London, to Edward Peake Middle School.

Tina was so surprised that Gordon Ramsay actually sent a professional chef to help her prepare meals for the students. But at first, she was worried that she may get in trouble with the administration for inviting a stranger into the school's kitchen without getting permission first. But the news of the chef coming to the school went over well and the students were very excited.

Tina put Chef Rob Roy Cameron to work in the kitchen making cauliflower cheese, and the kids said that the food that day tasted amazing.

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What a wonderful gesture for these professional chefs to help out a lunch lady in her time of need!

WATCH: Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Helps Lunch Lady

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