After Eloping As Teens, This Couple Married for 80 Years Shares Their Secret to Happiness

couple married 80 years

This couple has been married 80 years, eloped as teenagers, and share the secret of how they found happiness for all these years.

Louise and George Dennis of Dothan, AL met as children, and have been married since February 4th, 1944, which means they just celebrated their 80th anniversary.

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The Couple Married 80 Years Eloped As Teenagers

George, 98, says, ‘I met her when I saw her at her grandmother’s. I was delivering the paper.”

After that, the two were inseparable. When they were both in high school, they eloped, much to their family’s dismay. George explains, "I said, ‘Well, we went off and got married.’ Oh, you could have heard her [Louise's mother] scream clean from Dothan." Eventually, the families did come around.

Life Was Filled With Challenges

Just a couple of months after they were married, George was drafted into World War II. He was badly injured after tripping over a landmine and ended up losing part of his leg. Louise, 95, says of that time, “For 126 months, it was a time filled with surgery and healing.”

In 1952 they adopted a little girl, Crystal, however, she passed away a few years later due to an accident with a horse. Louise commented, “You never ever get over the loss of a child but the Lord himself is walking with you and he walks you through it.”

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That is the truth of life right there. Life isn’t without pain and sadness. Hard days will come. But the Lord will walk through it with us.

The couple then opened up the Persian Gallery, an antique rug business that was open for over 40 years.

They never did have another child, however, they always have a handful of young people in their home who they consider their surrogate children.

What Was Their Secret?

As a couple who was married 80 years, Louise and George were asked what their secret was. Their response? The faith that has guided them. George then adds, “Tell the husbands to say yes dear” and Lousie comments, “And he did say ‘yes dear’ when it pleased him to do so.” George responds with a smile on his face, “Louise, you didn’t have to say all that.”

They celebrated the big anniversary with family and friends from First Baptist church. We wish them a happy anniversary and thank them for offering such great advice about marriage.

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“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.” – Genesis 2:18

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