Couple Married For 72 Years Are Still So In Love And They’re Sharing The Secret To Happiness

couple married for 72 years

One couple married for 72 years shares their secret to a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage.

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Kenneth and Faye Babin have been married for 72 years, and recently, these two lovebirds have gone viral online. Their granddaughter, Jalee, started to share videos of the two of them on TikTok, and their sweet love captured the hearts of people from all around the world!

And 93-year-old Faye and 95-year-old Kenneth shared a little about their love and what's the secret to a happy marriage.

"He was handsome, and he sang and played the guitar, so put all of that together, it was very romantic," Faye said as she gazed lovingly at her husband.

"Anytime I was feeling low, or feeling bad, I'd ask him, ‘Could I have a hug? Could I have a kiss?' And he obliged!" she laughed. Faye shared that physical affection was very important to both her and Kenneth.

Couple Married For 72 Years Share The Secret To Long-Lasting Bliss

The couple also stresses the importance of open communication and never letting problems fester. "We always talked it out," said Faye.

Laughter and companionship were also important to the pair, as well as sharing common interests.

"We loved to laugh," Faye said. "We played cards, we played dominoes, we had a regular poker game. I did not even think of divorce. Murder, a few times, but..." Faye said jokingly with a laugh.

And Kenneth talked about how faithfulness was always a key to their successful marriage.

"We never even talked about getting rid of each other, it was always the other way around. Sticking together," he said.

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What a beautiful love these two share! And after so many decades together, Faye and Kenneth definitely know the ways to keep a marriage happy and healthy. God bless this wonderful couple!

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