Couple Married For 62 Years Melts Hearts, Still Acting Like Newlyweds After All These Years

married for 62 years

A couple who has been married for 62 years remains deeply in love. In fact, these two still act like a couple of newlyweds!

Marriage is a beautiful, life-long commitment between two people who love one another. But as everyone knows, relationships, especially marriage, require work and sacrifice.

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In a marriage, there are good days and bad days. No two people will agree on everything all the time, fights and disagreements will naturally occur.

However, when a couple can endure the bad days that will inevitably come, that love and bond between those two individuals will strengthen and grow. A video posted on TikTok shows two people who have been married for 62 years but still seem unable to stand to be apart from one another.

Couple Married For 62 Years Still In Love

The short clip begins with an elderly woman sitting in the back of a vehicle who clicks around on a cell phone, holding it out the window. She then makes a request to the driver.

"I'm taking a picture of him, Troy," she said. "Could you stop just a second?"

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It's unclear who exactly the woman is attempting to capture with her phone's camera.

The person filming the video then swings the camera around, and viewers see who the elderly woman is photographing. An older gentleman stands outside on a front porch. He smiles and waves at the love of his life. These two have been married for 62 years and still hate leaving each other’s side!

The woman then yells out the window at the man on the front porch.

"Love you, bye," she says.

Text in the video makes it clear that this is two people still 100 percent in love, seemingly unable to remain apart even for a few days.

"Have you ever seen anything cuter than my mom saying goodbye to my dad before she leaves for the weekend?" the text reads.

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What a tremendous example of love between two people that has only matured and deepened over the years.

1 Corinthians 13:13 "But now we still have faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love."

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