His Wife Kept Praying, And Now, Unfaithful Husband Proclaims ‘God Saved My Marriage’

god saved my marriage ricky harris

Ricky Harris survived five combat tours and everything else thrown at him. But his biggest accomplishment is how God saved his marriage. His wife kept praying, and now, this unfaithful husband proclaims, ‘God saved my marriage.'

This is the story of God saving a marriage that was beyond broken. It was shattered into pieces of trust, faith, and love. In this video, Ricky Harris and his wife share how everything went from good to the worst, and finally ‘only because of God.'

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"I always felt protected. I always felt like the hand of God was on me," Ricky said. Perhaps, God had his hand of protection on this soldier for more than a physical war, but to prove God is still God who wins the wars that are weighed against marriage.

Ricky had always felt the presence of God. He served in the U.S. military and was deployed four times in Afghanistan. And during those times, he had peace knowing that whatever happened on tour, God would be with him and protecting him.

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But the Lord knows what distance, disconnection, and loneliness can do to a man. Sadly, Ricky Harris strayed from his marriage, which wasn't just one time. It happened multiple times. Ricky thought once he was home, he could repent and keep it a secret from his wife.

But God had other plans.

God’s Love Saves Man’s Marriage

Weighed down with the burden of infidelity and with the Lord's leading, Ricky finally confessed to his wife. He had fully expected the life he had built to be over. But our mighty God had other plans. Ricky confessed to his wife, Kaye. She had suspected for quite some time that her husband had strayed.

Struggling with bitterness, she went to God. Instead of becoming bitter, she became better. Better at following God's lead. Though she had deep wounds that needed mending, she gave it all over to God to restore her heart, faith, and marriage.

Not all marriages where infidelity is a factor are restored, and nor should they be unless the guilty partner is willing to be obedient to God's leading. Yet, in this beautiful story of deep pain and heartache, we see God redeem and restore it until it is overflowing.

Marriage is about commitment, service, sacrifice, unconditional love, and forgiveness–and then doing all over again. Day after day–both partners surrender to God. No matter what you're facing in your marriage, pray God gives you the tools to fight in prayer for your marriage and for your spouse. May it be a beautiful legacy for the next generation.

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"Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle," Psalm 1441:1.

WATCH: His Wife Kept Praying And Now, Unfaithful Husband Proclaims ‘God Saved My Marriage’

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