9 Reasons To Love Hollywood Star Blake Lively

9 things you didn't know about blake lively _ god updates

Hollywood Star Blake Lively Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

Hollywood Star Blake Lively has no trouble holding her own as an actress. But she’s way more than just a pretty face. She’s got a huge heart and strong desire to use her fame to make the world a better place!

Blake is frequently a participant at charity events aimed at raising awareness for sexual abuse and exploitation of women and children. When she isn’t filming, she is spending time with family and working hard to encourage her actor husband.

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Blake and Actor Ryan Reynolds are married and raising two precious daughters, James (2) and Ines (6 months). In December 2016, Ryan was awarded a Hollywood Star and the couple proudly shared their sweet family with the press for the first time. Blake is all about putting family first, but what else makes her unique?

Check Out These 9 Interesting Blake Lively Facts


1. Blake Lively Is A Dolly Parton Fan

9 things you didn't know about blake lively _ god updates

credit: Digital Spy

Lively told Buzzfeed: “She's just the coolest human being alive”

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2. Ryan Reynolds Really Loves His Wife

Photographer Brandon Stanton from “Humans Of New York” recently captured Ryan and Blake at the Met Gala. Brandon is known for his ability to capture poignant moments with his subjects where they typically discuss social issues. Ryan Reynolds took the opportunity to brag on his wife.

3. Blake Is An Advocate For the Child Rescue Coalition

9 things you didn't know about blake lively _ god updates

credit: Variety

Blake believes her celebrity platform gives her a unique ability to make a change in the world. Instead of focusing on herself, she spends time traveling to various events and conferences to advocate for better awareness of child exploitation along with a variety of other causes. Recently she was chosen as one of Variety’s Power Of Women: New York honorees where she was able to use the platform to talk about several of the causes near to her heart.

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4. Blake Lively Is Her Stage Name

Born Blake Ellender Brown, the actress took on her Mother’s surname for her professional career. Blake was named after her grandmother’s brother. She kept this tradition when she named her first daughter, James, after Ryan’s father who passed away.

5. Blake Puts Her Family First

"All my eggs are in one basket, and that's my family," she explains to People. "That's where my heart is. That's where my everything is."

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6. She Doesn’t Take Herself Too Seriously

Everyone thinks I was inspired by the princesses. If they only knew…

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Blake and hubby Ryan are taking Instagram by storm. Not for their mind-blowing photos but rather for their very honesty and witty approaches to life. They aren’t afraid to share their weaknesses (though often in the form of a well-shared joke!). The two are frequently teasing each other or sharing non-staged photos of the “real” them.

7. Blake Is A Serious Foodie And Loves To Cook

9 things you didn't know about blake lively _ god updates

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Blake’s love of food goes back to her childhood. Her mother was raised with very humble beginnings in a rural area between Georgia and Alabama. The family connected over Southern home-cooked meals that were passed down through the generations.

She shared with BuzzFeed: “Everybody was in the kitchen as my mom would cook, and you're interacting and it's something that touches all of the senses: it's smell and it's touch and it's taste and it's sound…there's something really emotional and symbolic in that, you know, when you come together as a family to eat.”

8. The Hollywood Star Had A Childhood Crush On David Letterman

In a game of Fact or Fiction with Michael Kors, Blake admitted, "He had my dad's sense of humor. That like really dry sense of humor." To which friend Michael Kors (who was playing the game with her) said, "You're like the only girl I've ever heard who, like at six, had a crush on David Letterman."

9. WATCH: 73 Questions with Blake Lively

Blake shares her likes and dislikes. Apparently she is also really good at answering rapid-fire questions while baking cupcakes! Check out this video from Vogue for unique Blake tidbits!

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