Adorable Monkeys Get So Excited When Their Grandma Visits

grandma visits monkeys

Most people may have dogs or cats as family pets, but that is not the case with this family. They have two Capuchin monkeys! One named Xander and one named Ohana. And when their "grandma" stops by for a visit, these adorable monkeys get so excited, they can hardly contain themselves!

"Capuchin Monkey Xander and Ohana missed their grandma!" Stephanie Fusco, the owner of the monkeys, wrote about the video she posted to their YouTube page. "They both have spots from the photoshoot today, there's a picture at the end of the video of them dressed as Dalmatians! Super cute! Enjoy!"

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At the start of the video, you can see the monkeys hanging out on the bed. They sure do look cozy! But as soon as they see their grandma walk through the door, they start screeching with excitement. They cannot wait to embrace her and run into her arms. What a priceless reaction from these animals.

Monkeys Can’t Wait To Hug Grandma

Xander climbs onto his grandma's back at first, but then gets distracted with playing with the blankets and curtains in the room. But while Xander is off getting into trouble, Ohana stays right next to his grandma, cuddling her and giving her hugs. What a special bond they have! He keeps looking up at her face and making noises to show just how happy he is to have her nearby.

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The two monkeys are clearly loved and well taken care of by their sweet family. And it is great to see how much joy the monkeys bring to their grandma and vice versa. Xander and Ohana also have a large following on social media and bring a lot of happiness to those that watch their videos. What a blessing it is that God made these creatures that are so personable and make us smile!

WATCH: Capuchin Monkey Missed Grandma

h/t: The Western Journal