Adorable Pit Bull Gives Kisses For Treats And This Sweet Boy Is Going Viral

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Clyde the Bully has a habit of breaking the internet with his cuteness. Whether he is lounging on the couch with his favorite chew toy, posing in Pitbull printed socks, or napping with his favorite humans, this American Pitbull has gone viral and created quite the sensation with his antics.

Believe it or not, Clyde's breed as a Pitbull has a bad reputation causing dog lovers to fear them. But his human mom wanted to change the stigma surrounding this loyal and loving breed. So, she launched Clyde's own Instagram account. In fact, he has more than 88.6K followers! And her dog has his own luxury dog collar company, affectionately called, Bullies and Co. But he's not all about the bling he models, this four-year-old ball of fur is here to show the world that Pitties are indeed lovers, not fighters.

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The goal he shares with his mom, Melissa Molomo, is to change the perception about this sweet, loveable breed. In a past interview, Melissa shared, "If you train a dog to be aggressive, it's going to be aggressive." But she is working hard to change that perspective with photos, comments, and videos of daily life with him.

Pitbull Gone Viral For His Sweet Kisses

Clyde is certainly one blessed pup. He has a mom who realizes all life is precious and that God has entrusted them into our care. Melissa not only adores him, but she has even trained him to follow voice commands and American Sign Language. Melissa wrote in one post, "Dogs have the amazing ability to learn sign language. After Clyde learned the basics of training, I would vocalize what I wanted out of him and I'd add in a little hand signal. Once he understood that, I would no longer vocalize and I'd simply use only hand gestures."

She added, "He's very smart and a quick learner, but the truth of the matter is any type of dog can learn sign language. It just takes training, patience, and consistency. If you haven't already, I challenge you to start adding hand signals into your training sessions!" The video has received more than 33,000 views and 6,000 likes!

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But that's not why Clyde is going viral once again. His specialty is trading love for treats. Kisses in fact! With over 1.5 million views, he can be seen trading kisses for his favorite treats with his mom. In the video, Clyde sits patiently as he gives Melissa one kiss after another, waiting to be rewarded with his favorite food. Now that is one way to put food in your belly!

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If you're looking for something to brighten your day or you're in need of a smile, go check out this Bully's account. Your heart will melt!

WATCH: Pitbull Gone Viral – Clyde Trades Kisses For Treats

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