Mom Shares Story Of Baby’s Near Drowning As Water Safety Reminder

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Mom Relives The Day Her Baby Nearly Drowned

Terri Grub still relives the terrible day her son nearly drowned. But God had bigger plans for the little boy. And now, Terri is using his story to make sure others keep the importance of water safety in mind.

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Credit: ABC 15 Arizona

Little Stryder just turned four years old. For Terri, each birthday is a blessing. But it’s also a reminder of how she nearly lost her baby boy.

The Day Her Son Nearly Drowned

When Stryder was just 11 months old, he somehow managed to fall into the pool in the backyard of their Phoenix home, which was gated.

“It’s unknown how long he was in the pool,” Terri said. “I was at work, and when his dad found him, he wasn’t breathing. He didn’t have a pulse."

A neighbor rushed over to help out. She performed CPR on the little boy until first responders arrived. And even though Stryder went home happy and healthy, Terri is still haunted by what could have been.

“I see that 11-month-old baby that wasn’t breathing,” she says.

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Yet, the traumatic day also reminds her of just how blessed she is to still have her son.

“We weren’t sure what the future was going to hold, so every time I look at him, I just see my little miracle," she said.


A Bigger Purpose

A week after Stryder nearly drowned, the neighbor and first responders who saved the little boy’s life were honored.

Terri’s not the only one who relives that awful day.

“The screaming and the crying and people being upset–those are just difficult, traumatic situations for us, especially for us that have kids," said Capt. Reda Bigler with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Too often calls like these don’t have a happy ending. And so, each year, on Stryder’s birthday, the firefighters from Engine 91 stop by to visit him. His survival is a reminder that miracles still happen.

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And Terri has no doubts Stryder is still here for a purpose.

“There's a reason he’s here. God had a bigger plan for him," she said.

Terri believes part of that purpose is to warn others. It’s still difficult to talk about how her son nearly drowned, but she hopes his story will remind others to follow the ABC’s of water safety: adult supervision, barriers and classes.

“It doesn’t get any less painful. I relive that day all the time,” Terri said. "If I can share his story and bring awareness to how important it is to watch your kids around water, then it's worth it."

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