Woman Spots Toddler Trapped Face Down In Raging Waters & Credits God With Heroic Rescue

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Missy Pocock never expected to become a hero. But God had special plans for her. When a 2-year-old boy fell into the the canal behind her home, he was in a stroller, which left the toddler trapped face down in the raging waters. But Missy jumped right in after him, saving the poor boy just in time!

Missy was mowing the lawn at her home in Idaho. She often saw children playing near the canal running behind the fence at the end of her yard.

It always made her nervous, but nothing bad had ever happened. . . until this day.

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Credit: Idaho State Journal

A Terrible Accident

Two sisters were pushing their 2-year-old brother in a stroller by the canal. They stopped to let the little boy throw a stick into the water below. But just as he did, their pet dog brushed by, pushing the stroller by accident.

Missy looked on in terror as a stroller toppled into the canal. It landed upside down in the raging waters, leaving the toddler trapped face down.

"I looked up, and the stroller was upside down in the canal. He was 6 feet down the canal,” she said.

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Missy immediately reacted. Leaping over the 4-foot fence, she dove right into the icy water without any regard for her own safety.

"The water was moving super fast. I was shocked at how cold it was,” she recalled. “It was super, super deep and super, super muddy. I sunk like a foot when I jumped in.”

Missy is 6-foot tall, and still the water came up to her chest. She was worried sick for the little boy who was completely submerged in the murky water.

“I couldn't even see him. All I could see was the stroller," she recalled. "I swam over and pulled him out."

Missy’s worry turned to terror as she looked down on the boy’s blue face. Again, she just reacted, pounding on his back. Missy succeeded in getting the water out of his lungs and soon he started screaming. But that meant he was breathing!

Help From Above For Toddler Trapped Face Down

Missy said the boy’s sisters were old enough to be watching him. What happened was not their fault.

"It was kind of a freak thing," Missy said.

One of the sisters was already trying to save her brother when Missy jumped in. But there was just no way the little girl could manage the raging waters. In fact, Missy, who says she’s not really athletic at all, credits God and His angels for the incredible rescue.

"I'm not an avid jumper. I was never in track. There was definitely some divine intervention in that extravaganza," she said. “All I know is angels helped me over the fence.”

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Even though the stroller left the toddler trapped face down, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

"It was lucky that he was strapped in, or he would have been gone," Missy said.

The boy’s mother was horrified to hear what happened.

“How do I thank you? You saved my baby's life,” she asked Missy.

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As far as Missy’s concerned, no thanks are necessary. She’s just glad the little boy is okay. Her only request was for the children to no longer play near the canal!

h/t: Idaho State Journal