Adorable ‘Pinterest Grandpa’ Goes Viral For Just How Excited He Is Over Birth Of First Grandchild

birth of first grandchild pinterest grandpa

One sweet man is so excited over the birth of his first grandchild that he earns himself the title of “Pinterest Grandpa” about spending hours putting up decorations to welcome her home.

We all dream of this day, the birth of the first grandchild. An adorable little bundle of joy. We can't wait to watch our children turn into parents and we especially can't wait to hold a grandchild in our arms.

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This adorable “Pinterest Grandpa” goes viral for just how excited he is over the birth of his first grandchild. You've heard of Pinterest moms and Pinterest dads but this grandpa took Pinterest to a whole new level!

Grandpa Decorates For Birth Of First Grandchild

In this adorable video, the daughter narrates as she follows her dad around the house while he carefully and thoughtfully decorates.

In one scene, we witness the creative work of his hands and he hangs a small handmade banner with the name Lily on the nursery door. He even hung up a "Welcome Home Lily" banner over the garage in the rain.

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This adorable video also revealed he spent hours looking for the best DIY decorations on Pinterest. And then hours more decorating the house. He wanted the house to feel cozy, welcoming and festive to commemorate the birth of his first grandchild. It's so sweet that it will make just about any person melt.

The final shot from the video reveals his excitement when she says, "How are you doing dad?" He answers with a little dance and says, "Very excited!" His expressions of joy and his little dance are adorable and hearts all over TitTok were melting over this sweet grandfather. The video was posted recently and it has already gained over 13,000 views and left viewers gushing! One person said, "This was so wholesome. I'm crying so hard. We don't deserve such greatness."

"His little excited move at the end," added another viewer.

"I lost my dad a year before I had my first child. This had me bawling," one mom shared.

Baby Lily, you are barely a day old and so incredibly loved by a crafty and thoughtful grandpa. We can't wait to see what kinds of Pinterest-worthy projects you and your Grandpa make together in the future.

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"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him." Psalms 127:3

WATCH: Adorable ‘Pinterest Grandpa’ Goes Viral For Just How Excited He Is Over Birth Of First Grandchild

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