8-Year-Old Wants to Chat with Deaf Delivery Driver So She Learns Sign Language

deaf delivery driver

A deaf delivery driver, Tim Joseph, got the sweetest surprise when 8-year-old Tallullah McLellan began signing to him. And from there, a beautiful friendship formed!

Children are resilient, kind, and naturally want others to feel included. They also can make friends with just about anyone. From the cranky old lady who lives down the street to the delivery driver who makes frequent stops in the neighborhood.

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But Tallullah McLellan is making waves around the world after she formed a unique friendship with Tim Joseph, a deaf delivery driver.

Amidst the lockdown and pandemic last year, Tallullah got to know Tim. Because of the lockdown, the McLellan residence was relying on deliveries instead of shopping. So when Tallullah happened to answer the door one day to receive a delivery, she quickly learned that Tim was deaf. However, she managed to sign, "Have a nice day," because she had learned it in class.

8-Year-Old Befriends Deaf Delivery Driver

This kind-hearted girl wanted to communicate more with Tim. So, she learned how to say, "Thank you, Good Morning." And Tallullah is continuing to learn more sign language because she says the deaf delivery driver puts a smile on her face.

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Because of the pandemic, Tim has become an essential part of personnel that the McLellan’s as well as others in their neighborhood rely on. They know he works long, hard, and late hours but they also worry that he gets lonely because not many people know sign language.

Tullullah's mom Amy captured one of their conversations between her daughter and the deaf delivery driver on camera. She then proudly posted it online. Amy was delighted that her daughter has such a kind heart. But she never expected the video to go viral.

Special Bond Goes Viral

The video has now been shared more than 22 million times and the comments that are rolling in have Amy gushing with pride.

One viewer commented, "Just beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and I just love to see people being good towards one another." Another added, "There is nothing like connecting to other people. I love seeing people of different age, race, nationalities, and languages connect to each other." And I think we all agree with this comment, "This is the world I want to wake up to every day."

May we look to our children to take a few lessons on kindness and friendship! Thank God for this heartwarming story. May it inspire us to be like Tullullah and make a new friend.

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"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

WATCH: 8-Year-Old Befriends Deaf Delivery Driver

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