Accident Ran A Bus Into A River But A Driver With A Crane Helped Save The Passengers

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When a horrible bus accident happened on a highway in China, God sent a man who was driving a crane to help the passengers from being harmed. If he were not there, who knows what could have happened!

It was a rainy day in China when something tragic happened. A car lost control on the slippery highway and went flying to the opposite side of the highway. One car dodged the car sliding out of control, but the car headed right towards an oncoming bus.

The bus was hit head-on and caused the bus to steer off its course. The bus slid down the side of the highway and plunged right into a river. The heavy bus was quickly sinking, with its passengers inside.

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Everyone who was sharing the road stopped and jumped out of their cars to see if the passengers floating in the water were okay. One of the bystanders who was driving a cane also ran to the scene to go see what was happening.

He so badly wanted to help the passengers. So he came up with just the way to help. He ran back to his crane and drove it to the river. Then he used his crane to pick up every passenger from out of the water. He was able to rescue every passenger, one by one.

It is a miracle that he was there to help. The situation could have been even more devastating and I am so glad that God sent this person to help.

WATCH: Passengers Rescued From A Horrible Bus Accident

Credit: Facebook/China Xinhua News

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