A Cat And A Baby Are Holding Hands During Nap Time And It Is So Precious

godupdates cat holding hands

This video will make your heart melt. A baby and cat holding hands during nap time is the most adorable thing!

There are so many benefits to a child growing up with a pet. But of course, the endless cuddles is the number one reason why every child should have a pet. Most animals have a hard time with adjusting to a new family member. But this cat does not seem to have a problem at all.

He actually loves the new baby and cannot resist cuddling up during nap time. This is another one of those times, but when the cat held out his paw, it turned into a very special moment. And it is a good thing his owner got it all on camera.

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This baby has a forever buddy and their bond has started off really early. A baby is laying down for a nap when Battleship the grey cat came over to low down next to the baby. He is snuggled against the baby when all of a sudden he felt a tiny hand rub against his fur.

The baby wanted to pet Battleship. Battleship loved it. He even handed the baby his paw for him to hold. And it was the absolute sweetest thing. With his new "mini owner", he is going to have a life full of cuddles and snuggles. These two are definitely going to be the best of buddies. And it warmed my heart to see them holding hands.

WATCH: Baby And Cat Holding Hands For A Nap

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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