Neighbor Complains about Child’s Chalk Drawings on Sidewalk and Mom Has Best Response

chalk drawings on sidewalk

Chalk drawings on a sidewalk cause so much raucous in the neighborhood that a letter is written to the complainer!

A neighbor complains about a child’s chalk drawings on the sidewalk and mom has the best response. And you don't want to miss it!

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Ashley Woodfolk helped her toddler embrace one of a child's perfect pastimes: using chalk to play outside. Drawing shapes, learning his numbers and A-B-C's, not to mention his colors too.

It seems like the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors while staying safe in a pandemic, right? Well, all mothers reading this would say, "Yes and amen."

But one neighbor had to complain and take it to the community co-op board. What is so bad about chalk drawings on the sidewalk? What is so bad about different colors, shapes, letters, and numbers? A light rain or a spray from the hose will wash it away, right?

But because this grouchy neighbor complained so much, Ashley came up with the right response. She wrote a giant letter in sidewalk chalk!

Mom’s Note About Child’s Chalk Drawings On Sidewalk

Ashley apologized that her son loves to play with chalk:

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“This will be my last time using sidewalk chalk in the courtyard since it seems to be such a problem for you (and only for you). I’m sorry harmless fun that brought my toddler joy (and has actually helped him learned all of his letters and most of his numbers –– his favorites are E and 8) causes you so much distress that you had to complain to the board and waste everyone’s time when our building has much bigger real problems.

“I think you’re aware that we’re in a pandemic and while I’d love to take my kid to museums and the movies I don’t feel safe doing that, and sometimes even local parks are more crowded than I’m comfortable with. The courtyard was a safe space but now there are limits on that too. There only a few weeks of nice weather left, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the use of the sidewalk chalk-free courtyard for the remainder of the fall. And I hope that every time it rains, rain that would have washed away any colorful ABCs I wrote on the ground, you think of me.”

All my love, Ashley.”

Let's hope Ashley's reaction and letter teaches the neighbor something about kindness. What do you think? Did Ashley have the perfect response?

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"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32

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