Mom Warns Others About This Changing Table Danger

Mom’s Warning: Check The Changing Table!

When Hayley laid her baby, Samuel, on the changing table in a public restroom, he immediately started to cry. At first she didn’t think much of it, since many babies fuss when having their diaper changed. It wasn’t until she picked her son up and saw how red and splotchy his back was that she became concerned. And now she’s warning everyone to be sure to check the changing table when using public restrooms.

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Credit: Facebook / Hayley Turner

Hayley had assumed Samuel’s cries were a result of him being tired, cold and grumpy. So, she changed him quickly and picked him up for a cuddle, trying to calm him down.

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That’s when a closer look at the changing table revealed the terrible reason her son was so upset. Someone had intentionally put thumbtacks in the bottom of the mat on the changing table.

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Credit: Facebook / Hayley Turner

Hayley counted five piercings total on poor Samuel’s little back.

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It’s difficult to fathom that someone could set out to do something so cruel, and to a baby no less! And that’s exactly why the outraged mom has taken her story to Facebook, in the hopes that her warning will spread awareness and spare other children from such unnecessary suffering.

Thankfully, little Samuel is doing just fine and has since forgotten the unpleasant incident. But his poor parents likely never will.

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Credit: Facebook / Hayley Turner

Please be sure to share this story and spread the word to ALWAYS check the changing tables and mats in any public place!

This mom is warning about what killed her baby so that other children may be saved!

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