Christian Actor Neal McDonough Was Hesitant to Play the Devil but Wife’s Words Convinced Him

christian actor talks playing devil in movie

Neal McDonough, a Christian and Hollywood actor, plays the devil in a new film but hesitated to take the role until his wife changed his mind.

Today's films, television shows and music commonly push messages and agendas that are decidedly against what is in God's Word. Hollywood is not generally known to be friendly to Christians or people of faith. Several actors have mentioned their faith and belief in Jesus Christ has led them to be blacklisted in the industry.

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Neal McDonough is an actor in Hollywood who is not shy about voicing his Christian beliefs. However, in one upcoming film, Neal doesn't play a character who is a Christian or even someone looking for God. Instead, he plays the inventor of lies and deceit, the devil in "The Shift."

Despite playing villains on screen before, Neal was unsure about accepting the role of the devil. Instead, he felt that another actor should take the part. But it was his wife, Ruvé, who changed his mind, according to

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She asked him one question. "What guy, like you, who's a villain, also has an amazing relationship with God?"

That question from his better half convinced him to take the role in the film. He mentioned that playing the devil on screen helped to open his eyes.

Neal is Now Grateful He Listened to His Wife And Took The Role in the Upcoming Film

"I'm so grateful that she convinced me to do it because when you play characters like this, you learn so much about yourself and how blessed I am to have [God's] backing in everything that I do, to have all the gifts that God's given me in my life," Neal said.

In a video posted on YouTube, Neal mentioned that he hopes people have a strong passionate hate for his character in the film.

"Playing this character, it’s, I want to make sure that by the end of this piece, like I said earlier, that you really despise me," Neal said.

He added that he hopes that it might inspire others to be a better version of themselves.

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"I want the audience to really understand and hate the devil," he said. "And hopefully by doing so, will make people think, ‘You know, maybe I should try a little bit harder to be a better husband, a better dad, a better worker, a better child of God, a better brother to whomever. And that's kind of my goal with the character."

"The Shift” also stars "Rudy" and "Lord of The Rings" star Sean Astin. The movie is currently scheduled for a 2024 release, according to IMDB.

"So then, if it is a question of food or drink, or any other thing, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."1 Corinthians 10:31

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