Woman Clearing Snow And Ice Comes Frightfully Close To Getting Covered

clearing snow and ice

A woman clearing snow and ice from her front door had a close call when loads of the frozen mixture came crashing down.

Each season brings its own fun as well as challenges. Winter, while often a beautiful time of year, can be dangerous. Mainly due to the snow and ice, people can sustain serious injuries. One person narrowly missed being hurt by some of that wintry weather.

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A video on social media shows that a woman just missed possibly incurring injury while cleaning snow and ice off a house.

The clip begins innocently enough with the woman inside a house, opening the front door and then stepping outside. In her hand, the woman has a tool.

It appears to be a shovel of some sort.

Anyway, wherever this woman lives has just received a good amount of snowfall. We can see several inches of snow piled up on the deck in front of the door. But she is not concerned at all with the snow on the deck.

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Instead, her focus and efforts are all directed toward clearing the snow and ice that oddly hangs off the house.

Clearing Snow And Ice

The woman, hoping to rid the roof of the overhanging snow, begins swiping and hitting at the snow with the shovel-like tool.

She hits at the snow on the roof of the house and does so the first time to moderate success. We see some snow fall to the ground. Not satisfied, she does it again. The result is like the first time. Not a whole lot of snow falls.

The third time’s the charm, right? Well, she does it again and even less snow falls than the two previous times. Then she does it a couple more times and she's making progress, but not much.

However, things quickly change. She takes one strike too many at the snow and it all falls to the ground in one big clump!

The woman narrowly misses becoming covered in snow! Quick reflexes and swift reaction time are definitely blessings!

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WATCH: A Close Call While Clearing Snow And Ice

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