Daddy And Daughter Dance To ‘Why I Love You’ And It Leaves Host Melissa McCarthy In Tears

Daddy and Daughter dance to 'Why I Love You'

When a daddy and daughter dance to the song ‘Why I Love you’ on the show Little Big Shots, it moves host Melissa McCarthy so much, she’s in tears!

Sa’miyah is the adorable dancer in the yellow dress. And she’s dancing with her father, Bin, to Grammy-nominated Major's song titled ‘Why I Love You.'

"I found love in you

And I’ve learned to love me too

Never have I felt that I could be all that you see

It’s like our hearts have intertwined and to the perfect harmony

This is why I love you

Ooh this is why I love you

Because you love me

You love me"

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As Bin comes on stage to join his daughter, he starts to imitate the moves that she is doing and attempts them to the best of his ability.

A Beautiful Bond

Throughout the daddy and daughter dance, the duo shares big smiles while they are looking at each other, and Bin twirls her around the stage with such sweetness. He also picks her up in beautiful lifts and turns her around the stage as she holds an impressive pose. It is such a precious and heartwarming thing to watch!

"She is a super star already!" one fan writes of Sa’miyah on YouTube. "Mark me down as a fan, I loved her performance with her dad. The score rate from me is perfect thumbs up."

As Melissa McCarthy is tearing up, Sa’miyah and Bin embrace and then he picks her up and carries her to the couch where they cuddle at the end of the dance. What a beautiful and touching father-daughter relationship, right there!

It is clear that Sa’miyah is a confident and determined dancer, and it is so wonderful that her dad was able to experience her passion of dance with her.

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The memory that those two made on stage while they were performing together is one that they will always cherish.

WATCH: Touching Daddy And Daughter Dance To ‘Why I Love You’

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