For Dad’s 60th Birthday, His Family Blesses Him By Flying In All 8 Of His Brothers And Sisters

dad's 60th birthday

For their dad’s 60th birthday, Stephanie Gattone and Jackie Baca decided to do something pretty incredible. They threw him a big party, which included flying in their dad’s eight siblings for a joyous reunion!

All anyone wants is to be somewhere and with people who will care for, protect and love them. The family is the best institution for meeting all these vital needs. While every family may not look the same, coming in different shapes and sizes, love binds the family members together.

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One clip posted on YouTube is an excellent example of the love that keeps a family strong and together even after decades.

Special Surprise For Dad’s 60th Birthday

Galo Alfonso Baca Pinto was turning 60 years old. And his two daughters, Stephanie Gattone and Jackie Baca, wanted to do something momentous to recognize their dad’s 60th birthday.

So, they got to talking, and the two women came up with the perfect idea. They agreed upon a surprise party, with their dad surrounded by his family, including his eight siblings.

Planning for the surprise birthday bash began a year ahead of the big day. Stephanie said her mother had some helpful advice.

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"My mom was on board," Stephanie said. "She was, like, ‘Yeah, like, let's make it, like, if we're almost celebrating a wedding.'"

Brothers And Sisters Reunited At Celebration

When Dad’s 60th birthday finally arrived, Galo was taken aback by the party, especially when he spotted his older siblings at the party.

"The second that he walked in, it was, like, immediate tears from everyone in the room," Stephanie said.

Galo attempted to give a speech. However, he struggled to get it out as he was overcome with emotion. Tears flowed down his face.

At one point, during the party, Stephanie noticed her father huddled with his siblings.

"I look over, and I just see all the siblings huddled, like," Stephanie said. "And my dad is sobbing."

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Galo was moved by the show of love from the people, especially his siblings, who gathered to celebrate and recognize him.

1 John 4:8 "He who has no love has no knowledge of God, because God is love."

WATCH: Brothers And Sisters Reunited For Dad’s 60th Birthday

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