Adorable Dog Delivers Food to Neighbors During Social Distancing Time

dog delivers food

Our bond with man's best friend just became even tighter. In this time of social distancing and quarantine, some very caring doggos are doing their part to support their human friends. These pups are helping people stay connected. One dog delivers food to neighbors during social distancing, and that sweet dog is Sundance!

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Renee Hellman is a 71-year-old Colorado resident diagnosed with COPD. Renee was stuck between her need to stay home for safety and her need to get groceries. With the virus affecting older people and those with health conditions the most, Renee was seemingly out of options.

That's when her neighbor of ten-years, Karen Evelth, stepped up to help with her trusty Golden Retriever named Sundance.

Dog Delivers Food To Neighbor In Need

Karen trained Sundance to deliver groceries to Renee over several days. Eventually, he caught on and has been helping Renee for more than two weeks. Renee remarked, "Little things like Sunny coming over to visit is nice, and it makes you feel good, and it's a way of communicating." The long-time neighbors have found a way to stay connected through Sundance. Karen is helping her neighbor in need, and Renee feels less alone.

Sundance isn't the only canine helping out the community. Maryland winery owner Lori Yata has been using her Boxer, Soda Pop, to deliver wine to customers. When business declined due to social distancing decrees, Lori and Soda Pop had far fewer customers. To alleviate the isolation and kick-start her business again, Lori purchased a vest for her dog online.

The vest was equipped with pockets to hold wine bottles, and now Soda Pop is well on his way to deliver goods to awaiting customers.

Thank God for these dogs, and the people who have trained the dogs to help others. Even with our need for touch being unmet due to social distancing, there are still so many ways to stay connected. These adorable fur-babies remind us of that.

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What can you do for a neighbor? Maybe you don't have a pet to deliver goods to neighbors, but can you pay for their meal online and have it delivered for them?

Or perhaps you can ask your loved ones for a way to serve them during this time of uncertainty. Anything helps to let your family, friends, and neighbors know that you are there for them.

WATCH: Friendly Dog Brings Groceries To Colorado Neighbor

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