Cameras Caught the Pure Joy of This Dog Playing on a Backyard Swing And It’s Infectious

dog playing on backyard swing

One owner caught his dog playing on the backyard swing and knew he had to document it. What a fun and precious sight!

Tuba is a sweet Bull Terrier that lives in Texas who has a strong playful side. She also has a sister named Tuna and a loving family. But there is something else that brings so much joy to her life – swinging on the backyard swing!

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It's hard to tell what made Tuba enamored with the swing in the first place, but when you see videos of her playing on it, it is clear to see how much she loves doing it!


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Even with a big backyard with plenty of room to run and explore with Tuna, nothing is better to play with than the swing in Tuba's mind.

Dog Playing On Backyard Swing Is A Glimpse Of Pure Joy

She will jump into the swing and then twist and twirl all around in it, instead of swinging back and forth. Her action of twisting around in the swing looks just like something a little kid would do. What a fun and playful pup!

Animals bring so much joy to our lives. And it is wonderful when we get to see them enjoying themselves and finding so much happiness in little things. May we all choose to have the type of joy in our heart that Tuba has when she gets to play on her backyard swing!

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