Doctors Thought That This Pit Bull With A Cleft Palate Should Die. But Look at Her Now!

Doctors Wanted to Put This Pit Bull With a Cleft Palate Down As A Puppy. But Now She Stronger Than Ever!

When Ruby the pit bull was born, she looked a little different from the other pups in her litter. She had a cleft lip palate. Typically it is just a cosmetic issue, but for Ruby having this condition was going to cost her life. At just five days old, she was terribly malnourished because her condition caused her to not be able to nurse properly.

Three veterinarians thought that Ruby didn’t have a chance at a decent life so they suggested that she’d be put down.

Ruby’s dog breeder gave her away to Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation. And that’s where Ruby met Jennifer Clayton, the foundation’s director. Jennifer said,” I have to admit that she looked pretty bad.

Jennifer took Ruby to her own vet and they received a bit of hopeful news. But she said in order to make things better, it would take a lot of money and a whole lot of effort.

“She said she’d help me try to save her if that’s what I wanted to do. As I sat there trying to make that terrible decision, Ruby started to suck on my finger and I knew that she wasn’t ready to give up, “Jennifer said.

Taking care of Ruby was just as tiring as watching after a newborn baby. She needed midnight tube feedings, one at 4 a.m., another at 8 a.m., and every few hours during the day. This continued for months until a surgeon was willing to lend his help to Ruby.

“Ruby and I flew from Salt Lake City to Philadelphia for surgery, Jennifer said. “The surgery was a complete success and the very next morning Ruby ate canned puppy food for the very first time.”

And look at her NOW!

“Except for the occasional sinus infection and a few minor dental issues, Ruby has been the picture of health ever since. At this point, she really is like any other dog except for her unique look,” said Jennifer.

Ruby’s cute face has even gained some popularity.

“It has been crazy to realize just how many people know Ruby and recognize her when we’re out in public,” Jennifer said. “It’s not uncommon at all for people to approach us on walks, outside the grocery store, at various events, and even at the drive-thru. Her little pink nose is so recognizable, and people who have followed her story are always excited to meet her in person.”

“Ruby is famous and loved because of her differences, and I think there’s a powerful message in that,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer always hopes that children with special needs would adopt dogs like Ruby so that they can find around-the-clock companionship. Jennifer already had four rescue dogs and she didn’t plan on making Ruby a part of the pack.

“But by the time we traveled to Philly for her surgery, I was so unbelievably attached to this little dog that I couldn’t imagine my life without her,” she said. So Jennifer made a home for Ruby.

Ruby is almost a year old and “like any respectable puppy” she has “eaten a shoe or two” and she even gets on the other dog’s nerves every so often.

“She is truly one of the goofiest, happiest pups I’ve ever met,” she says. “I swear that I have laughed more in the last 10 months than any other time in my life. Ruby’s love of life is contagious.”

We love that Ruby made a comeback and that she’s living her life to the absolute fullest!

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