Dog’s Antics With Bubbles Have Baby Laughing Uncontrollably

dog's antics

A dog’s antics with bubbles is too much for this baby and he can’t stop his laughing fit!

Animals are unique beings that are part of God's creation. As pet owners already know, animals all have unique personalities, individualized habits and quirks. All furry and four-legged community members are special and unique in their own way.

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However, dogs are some of the most loyal and loving creatures ever encountered on Earth. Regardless of your day, dogs are always there to greet and welcome you home at the end of another long workday. Most want nothing more than to smother you with love and affection that has been put on hold while you were away from them.

Dog’s Antics With Bubbles Cracks Baby Up

In addition to their loyal friendship and love, dogs can also provide a fair amount of free entertainment. Because of their personalities and odd habits, canines often send their family members into fits of uncontrollable laughter. YouTube is littered with videos of animals doing crazy and frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious things.

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A short and sweet video shows a young man who cannot keep it together when his family's canine spots bubbles floating in the air. The dog's reaction is simply too much for the young child.

The clip shows Maggie Wilson, a mother in Ohio, enjoying a sweet moment and several laughs with her son, Gus, and the family's canine. Maggie simply blows bubbles into the air, and the dog is seen jumping around the room wildly, trying to capture and devour every last bubble.

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Gus absolutely loves the animal's reaction. The child laughs hysterically at what the bubbles cause the dog to do. It's such a sweet and simple moment between all three of them.

A mother hearing their child's laughter is a sound they will never get tired of hearing.

According to the clip, Maggie said her house "runs on bubbles and belly laughs."

Psalm 127:3 "See, sons are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the body is his reward."

WATCH: Baby’s Uncontrollable Laughter At Dog’s Bubble Antics

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