Doctors Get Creative to Give ‘Fighting Chance’ to Man with Flu Needing Double Lung Transplant

double lung transplant operation

Davey Bauer needed more than just a double lung transplant operation, he needed a miracle. And doctors’ creative efforts to give him a “fighting chance” combined with God’s goodness resulted in a truly incredible outcome!

In the realm of medical miracles, divine intervention often takes on unexpected forms. And the story of Davey Bauer’s life-saving journey is no exception.

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Chicago’s Northwestern Medicine became the stage for a groundbreaking procedure that saw double-D breast implants become the unlikely heroes in the battle for Davey’s life.

Man Undergoes Double Lung Transplant Operation

A man who, in the prime of his health, faced the devastating consequences of vaping, catching the flu, and the dire need for a double lung transplant.

Davey, a 34-year-old landscaper from DeSoto, Mo., found himself at the mercy of fate after nearly a decade of vaping. What initially seemed like a “healthier alternative” to smoking soon spiraled into a life-threatening situation when he contracted the flu in early April.

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Davey’s condition had reached a critical point, as Dr. Ankit Bharat described Davey as being "at the end of the road." When Davey went to the ER, he caught a virulent strain of Pseudomonas, causing irreparable damage to his lungs.

Davey was running out of time, and his medical team knew they needed to do something fast. His team came up with an innovative way to save Davey's life - and keep his heart stable - after removing his damaged lungs to give his body a chance to fight the infection.

That's where the breast implants came in.

"We had to get a crash course [in implants]," Dr. Bharat said. "The breast implant is a flashy thing, but to be honest with you, probably from a medical standpoint, was a minor part of the whole thing. Because it was mostly used to just temporarily stabilize the heart."

Double Lung Transplant Operation, Then Miraculous Recovery

The life-saving double lung transplant operation included draining Davey's body of all of his blood and recreating a new circulatory system while using breast implants to keep his heart stable. In the process, he was given artificial lungs until he was able to receive a new set of lungs.

"We had to come up with something very creative," Dr. Bharat said. "This is the only way we could logically create a solution that may give the patient a fighting chance."

It was a miracle that it worked.

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"It was kind of almost magical to see when we took out all of the old lungs...within a matter of hours, his body started to show signs of healing and recovery," Dr. Bharat said. "His heart started to get stronger without all the bacteria."

With a new lease on life and a story that echoes with divine intervention, Davey Bauer’s miraculous tale serves as a testament to the miraculous ways God saves our lives in extraordinary ways with medicine, creativity, and a touch of the divine can collaborate to rewrite the script of life.

"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27

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