Dad Was in Dire Need of a Double Organ Transplant, So His 2 Sons Stepped Up

two brothers donated organs to their sick father

Two young men voluntarily stepped up in a big way and literally saved their father's life by willingly surrendering a part of themselves.

A parent's love is boundless. There is no end to the amount of love and care a parent has for their child. Most fathers and mothers would do anything and everything within their power to keep their children from experiencing even the tiniest amount of pain or sickness. They would literally give of themselves to protect their children.

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As it turns out, that sentiment also happens to be true for children as well. This is particularly true for Jonathan, 24, and Christopher, 25, Montgomery. The two men literally gave up pieces of themselves – a liver and a kidney – to their father, Jon Montgomery, according to People.

The scary ordeal began in 2021. Jon lost 75 pounds without even trying to shed weight. He and his family learned that he was experiencing double organ failure. Jon desperately needed a new kidney and a liver, the outlet reports.

"We panicked," Jon said. "How do you survive two organs failing? It was just a terrible time.”

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Of course, Jon was placed on the deceased organ donor list. But then, when he was hospitalized, Jon and his family learned about another possibility, a second way for him to maybe receive the organs that he so desperately needed. They learned that it may be possible for someone who was still alive to give their organs to Jon.

The Two Young Men Volunteered Immediately To Donate Their Organs To Their Father

Well, without a second thought, Jonathan and Christopher immediately volunteered to do that for their beloved father.

Jonathan, the outlet reports, willingly gave his father a portion of his liver, while Christopher gave his dad a kidney.

People reports that the double organ, live-saving procedure took place on Aug. 1.

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The two young men admit that going under the knife, giving a part of themselves to their father was an easy decision.

“I want to keep him around as long as I can…I want him to know my children," Christopher said. "I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure he’s okay because I know he would do the same for us,” Jonathan said.

Jon, the outlet reports, could not even muster words to thank his two sons for their precious, life-saving gifts.

"All I could do was just hug them," Jon said.

Later Jon added that he is always thanking them for the double organ transplant.

“It’s an unbelievable blessing,” he said.

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"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."John 15:13

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