Feet On The Dashboard Nearly Killed Her So Now She’s Warning Others

Bethany Benson was a 22-year-old college student, working on becoming a teacher. But while her boyfriend was driving them home one evening, Bethany did something many passengers do during a long drive. She put her feet on the dashboard. And that one simple act altered her life forever.

Bethany and her boyfriend were on the way home from a visit to Bethany’s mom, who lived several hours away. Bethany decided to take a nap since her boyfriend was driving.

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So, she reclined the passenger seat a bit, propped her feet up on the dashboard and dozed off.


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While Bethany was sleeping, another vehicle further up the highway collided with a motorcycle, starting a chain reaction. And Bethany’s resting position during the accident made things much worse for her.

Serious Injuries From Feet On The Dashboard

Bethany’s car was following behind a tractor-trailer, who slammed on his brakes to avoid the crash in front of him.

The sudden and drastic deceleration of the truck forced Bethany’s boyfriend to slam on the brakes as well in an effort to avoid hitting the tractor-trailer. But unfortunately, there was no avoiding it.


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God blessed both Bethany and her boyfriend that day. It was a miracle they survived the horrible wreck. Her boyfriend had to get 100 stitches. But because Bethany slept with her feet on the dashboard, the damage was far worse for her.

The crash triggered the airbags — exactly what is supposed to happen in a collision like this. But because Bethany’s feet were up on the dash, the impact was far more detrimental than beneficial.

Airbags deploy at close to 200 mph — roughly the speed of a Formula One race car. The impact hit Bethany’s hamstrings, pushing her knees into her face. The extreme force broke her nose, as well as her left eye socket and cheekbone, and also dislocated her jaw.

And that was just the damage done to her face.

Bethany Benson’s Long Road To Recovery

Bethany wound up losing her spleen, and her feet were broken and so compressed that both are now two sizes smaller than before the accident. She can no longer wear regular shoes but instead must purchase expensive custom made orthopedic shoes and inserts.


Credit: Driving.ca

Her vision is forever impacted due to her left pupil remaining permanently dilated and her hearing is also affected. And it’s crazy to think all of this came from having her feet up on the dashboard.

Bethany has no recollection of the accident that forever changed her life thanks to a brain bleed she sustained. The injury basically rebooted her brain, and her mother says the now 26-year-old Bethany is essentially 13, mentally. For that reason, Bethany lives with her mom.

Though it’s been years since the accident, many of the aftereffects from the crash remain. And so, Bethany has become a huge advocate for seatbelt and airbag safety. She is adamant about getting the message out about the danger of putting your feet up on the dashboard. Her hope is that her story can help to spare others of making this simple mistake.

We applaud Bethany’s commitment to warn others, and our prayers go out to her and her family. God clearly gave her life a very special purpose!

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