Man Sees Frail 94-Year-old & Gives Up 1st Class Seat on Plane in ‘Christlike’ Act of Kindness

man shows kindness to elderly woman on plane

One man displayed unexpected kindness and love when he voluntarily gave up his first-class seat on an airplane to an elderly woman.

Traveling, either by car, bus or especially airplane, can bring out the worst in people. Whether being in close, cramped proximity to someone for an extended period, the costs associated with it, or some other reason, frustration and anger are not abnormal. But one man, instead of flashing anger, showed something else entirely: "Christlike" kindness.

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Flying on a plane comes with plenty of rules and regulations. Those who frequent the friendly skies, including flight attendants, know this to be true. Laura Failner understands this and how flying can result in people not acting in the best ways, according to Kiss FM.

One man's actions during a flight in July 2022 surprised Laura. She was moved so much by his actions that she posted about it on her Facebook page.

On a flight to Washington on which Laura was working, a 94-year-old "frail" woman was having difficulty getting to her seat on the plane, Laura writes. Additionally, it was unclear where the elderly woman was supposed to be sitting.

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At one point during the situation, a man in first class got Laura's attention. Instead of getting mad about the holdup, he had something else in mind. He had a suggestion, a touching and moving solution to the problem.

"Can you please get her and put her in my seat and I will take hers?" Laura wrote.

The man's generosity and kindness moved the elderly woman. It brought tears to her eyes. She also expressed her sincere gratitude for the kind gesture.

"Never in my 94 years has someone done that for me," Laura posted. "Thank you young man."

The Kind Man’s Action Had an Impact on Everyone on the Plane

Not only did the man's actions touch the elderly woman, but Laura writes that it impacted everyone else on the flight. It "changed the attitude of everyone on the flight."

What a terrific but simple and sweet gesture that showed love to someone who benefited from it.

Following the man's move, Laura has some advice for all. She advises people to be the hands and feet of Christ to others.

"May we all look for the little things we can do, to help those around us and show Christlike acts of kindness."

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"And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."Ephesians 4:32

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