Homeless Man Spots Driver Struggling With Flat Tire On Car And Instantly Jumps Into Action

flat tire on car

One woman ended up with a flat tire on her car, but a homeless man's act of kindness got her back on the road.

A woman shared a story and a photo on Reddit of an incident where she was on the receiving end of a surprise helping hand. This woman was in Chicago and heading to an important dinner while she was dressed up in a skirt and heels. Unfortunately, her car got a flat tire and she became stranded. That's when a homeless man stepped in to charge her tire and save the day!

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"I only had $60 on me, but I very gratefully gave it to him for saving me," she said.

If the woman would have waited for a service person to come and fix her car, she would have definitely missed her important event. Thankfully, the homeless man was there to offer his assistance.

"He really saved me. I'm no mechanic," she shared. "Those lug nuts were on so tight. I really don't think I could have done that. He really struggled with them himself."

Flat Tire On Car Changed By Homeless Man | Positive News Stories

The woman also remarked at how polite and kind the homeless man was to her. "He was really sweet. Called me ‘a lady' and even opened my car door for me. He was very much a gentleman."

"It was an experience I won't ever forget," the woman said.

Hundreds of people read the story that this woman shared online, and many also recalled their own experiences where people who are homeless helped them out when they were in a bind.

"I was driving in the snow years ago and slid into a snowbank. A homeless guy came over and asked if he could help me get out," one person shared. "He pushed my car out of the snowbank-it was very hard to do and he spent a long time helping me get out. I was so grateful. I gave him my last 20 dollars. He didn't even want it but I insisted he take it."

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God bless the helpers who are always looking for ways to serve those around them. May we all use these stories as lessons to be on the lookout for when others need help from us.

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