Teen Found A Lost Wallet While Fishing With $2,000 Inside And Knew Just What To Do

teenager found a lost wallet while fishing

One young man found a lost wallet, coming up with quite a pricey find during a fishing outing in Minnesota, but ultimately, he knew what had to be done with the valuable catch.

Fishing is a good way to relax while being outside and enjoying God's beautiful creation. While fishing is a hobby of many, even the most experienced fishermen can go for hours without a single bite or the slightest nibble. An entire fishing outing can result in no noteworthy finds. However, that was not the case for one Minnesota teenager.

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Connor Halsa, a 14-year-old, was fishing with his cousin on the Lake of the Woods, hoping to pull in something a fish or two, according to Insider. The young men had their hearts set on reeling in some walleye.

But on that day, Connor didn't find a fish. Instead, he reeled in a wallet with thousands of dollars in cash, according to ABC 7.

Connor mentioned that he suddenly felt his line get tight, believing that he had caught a fish. Luckily, his cousin, Brandon, was on site and helped Connor bring in what they both thought was a fish.

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The outlet reports that Brandon netted the catch; they soon learned it was not a fish, but was a wallet containing $2,000 in cash.

“My cousin Brandon opened the wallet up, and he was like, he said some words that you probably shouldn’t say," Connor said. "And then he said there was some money in it, and he, like, showed everyone. And then we, like, took the money out and placed it all on the dashboard to let it dry off."

The Teen Found A Business Card In The Wallet And Tracked Down The Owner

In addition to the money, the wallet also contained another valuable item: a business card. The wallet and the money were the property of an Iowa farmer, Jim Denney, Insider reports.

It turned out that Jim had been fishing on that very lake a year earlier. On that day, the water was a tad rough, which helped dislodge Jim's wallet, sending it into the lake.

Insider reports that instead of keeping the money, Connor tracked Jim down. Connor returned the wallet and the money to Jim, who returned to Minnesota to recover his lost cash and wallet.

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To show his appreciation for Connor's honesty, Jim took the young man and his family out to dinner. Additionally, Jim gifted Connor a personalized cooler to show his gratitude.

Jim also offered the 14-year-old a reward, but he refused it, according to ABC 7.

For Connor, the decision to return the cash to its rightful owner was easy.

"We didn't work hard for the money, he did, so it was his money," Connor said.

Jim understands the honor and integrity Connor exhibited are not often seen today. He knows Connor is a special young man.

“I would take Connor for a grandson any day and I would fight for him any day,” Jim said.

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"Better is the poor man whose ways are upright than the man of wealth whose ways are twisted."Proverbs 19:1

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