Little Girl Asked The Man Who Raised Her To Be Her Official Daddy

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When Darcie's mommy, Staci, got married to Stephen, Darcie became the best of friends with him. He loved her so much and the time has come when Darcie wants to make him her official daddy.

Stephen has been in Darcie’s life ever since she was just a year old. He really is the only "Daddy" she knows. So, her request makes all the more sense. Darcie already calls him "daddy" but she finally wants to declare Stephen as her official father.

Staci and Darcie came up with the perfect way to make the surprise announcement. So, on Stephen's birthday, Darcie gave him a blue birthday bag with glitter all over it and climbed on his lap as he opened his presents.

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He opened his card first and saw a gift card that Darcie demanded was for ice cream. Then he digs into his birthday bag and pulled out the special part of the surprise. Staci and Darcie got a memory photo book made for Stephen.

The book contained stories of memories they shared together. Darcie reminded him of how he was always there to give her kisses, teach her about football, and take care of her when she was really sick. Darcie encountered a series of health issues, but Stephen has been there through every difficult moment.

He was sure to make Darcie giggle and feel loved. As Stephen came to the end of the book, Darcie planted a kiss on her daddy's cheek. And Stephen got so emotional and began to cry when he realized that the little girl he always cared for is officially his daughter forever. Who else couldn’t help but cry when they saw the tears well up in Stephen’s eyes?

WATCH: Little Girl Makes Her Mom’s Husband Her Official Daddy

Credit: Facebook/Stephen and Staci Luna

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