Mom Spots Son’s Glowing Eye on Baby Monitor and Knows Something Isn’t Right

glowing eye on baby monitor

Benny’s mother couldn’t help but notice her son’s glowing eye on the baby monitor. She could just tell something wasn’t right. Thankfully, she listened to her mother’s instincts which led to the discovery of a tumor in her baby boy’s eye.

Most parents keep a close and watchful eye on their children. They also notice anything odd, weird and slight changes in their children's mood or appearance. Moms and dads are usually some of the first to spot incoming danger when it comes to their children.

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A clip posted on YouTube shows that thanks to an observant Utah mother, doctors located and have been treating her child for retinoblastoma, a rare cancer of the retina.

Scary Diagnosis Following Glowing Eye On Baby Monitor

The mother spotted her child, Benny, on the baby monitor, who had a glow in his right eye. It did not matter what the child did, the right eye continued to glow brightly. The left eye remained black, doing nothing out of the ordinary.

As any mother would, Benny's mother took him to the pediatrician, who referred the child to an ophthalmologist. That doctor determined that Benny did, in fact, have retinoblastoma. After undergoing more than a year of treatment for the cancer, Benny has begun his road to recovery.

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"Benny's doing very well," Dr. Eric Hansen said. "He's finished his chemotherapy. We've still done consolidation, local therapy, that'd be laser in his case for, you know, areas of small occurrence, which is common in kids who have the retinoblastoma gene mutation. But he's doing quite well."

Dr. Hansen, in the clip, mentioned that the method used by Benny's mother to spot the cancer was a first for him.

"For me, this is the first time this is the way that retinoblastoma has been caught," the doctor said. "And certainly, is kind of a little bit reassuring or positive, like, hey, that these baby monitors not only are keeping kids from all the other things that parents are worried about and are considering but also, like, might be a way, like, this, thankfully, rare pediatric cancer also be identified earlier."

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Psalm 127:3 "Seen children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward."

WATCH: Boy’s Glowing Eye On Baby Monitor Reveals Tumor

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