Parents Make Heartbreaking Decision to Give up Baby with Facial Tumor, Then Reunite Years Later

baby with facial tumor sam ettore

Parents make a heartbreaking decision to give up their baby with a facial tumor, then reunite years later.

This is a story of love, hope, and the ultimate sacrifice. As a mom, I cannot even fathom the idea of giving up one of my children. But if they needed a life-saving surgery that I couldn't provide, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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When Sam Ettore was born, he was everything his Vietnam parents wanted. He was the perfect bouncing baby boy with bright eyes and a precious smile. But he was born with a tumor on his face.

Sam’s parents took their baby with a facial tumor to doctors and learned there was no way they help him because of the amount of money it would cost. Desperate to save his life, they realized adoption was their only answer. But God was already working on a plan.

Family Adopts Baby With Facial Tumor

At the same time in America, Hope Ettore and her husband John were ready to adopt a child. That's when they received a photo of Sam.

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“So, we got that picture, and we were taken back, but at the same time, my husband and I looked at each other and said how do we not help this child,” said Hope. They knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this child was meant to be theirs.

When Sam joined the Ettore family as a baby, he endured more than eleven surgeries for his facial tumor. But he grew up to be a resilient teenager who understood there were no bounds to love.

His adoptive mom, Hope, discovered that she had cancer and was only given a few months to live. Yet, her dying wish was to find Sam's birth parents.

After an incredible amount of searching, they did!

A Special Reunion

The Ettore family succeeded in using Facetime to connect with Sam's parents, which was such an incredible moment. Sam showed him his face, and his parents were brought to tears to see their baby with a facial tumor had transformed into a healthy, well-loved, and thriving child.

Sam shared some special words with his parents, “I just want to thank you guys for doing your hardest to take care of me. I am really sorry that you had to make a hard decision to put me up to adoption but you guys are the ones that and my adopted family are the ones who saved my life, and I am grateful for you guys.”

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This story is full of love that endures all things, hopes for all things, and sacrifices. Hope will get to meet Jesus knowing her son has reconnected with his birth parents. And the world gets to know through their story what it truly means to lay down your life for others.

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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